Artist's Name


130 cm x 400 cm

Acrylic on paper


This work was created by observing plant organisms through a microscope. Therefore, the creation by Syaiful Garibaldi depicts the plant’s cellular structure as he observed it


Syaiful Garibaldi (1985, Bandung)

Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi previously attended Agronomy studies at Padjajaran University, Bandung before eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts from the ITB Faculty of Art and Design. His creative journey began with linguistic phenomena, and now he diligently creates by harnessing microbiological organisms. Tepu’s creative process revolves around the search for forms, as well as the tension between creation and destruction. In his recent exploration using microbiological organisms, Tepu expresses gratitude for Indonesia as a region rich in biodiversity. He harnesses the way nature works naturally and brings about surprises in the creative process. His recent works are living and continuously evolving creations.