Tumurun Museum of Solo, Indonesia is a leader in the support of art education, boasting a wide collection of artworks ranging from experienced maestros to young, budding artists. Situated in the heart of Surakarta, the Museum is located centrally within the community to promote easy accessibility to everyone from all walks of life. 

In a time where screens seem to overtake our lives, the centrally located Tumurun museum encourages visitors to view the artworks in their physical form, refreshing the idea of experiencing art through our own eyes.

‘Tumurun’ stemming from the phrase “turun temurun” means to pass something down from one generation to the next. Acting as a lens into Indonesia’s vibrant heritage and artistic landscape, we aim to develop and advance art education in Solo and its surroundings, creating discussions between Indonesian and international art while also bridging the gap between different generations. 

Tumurun Museum hosts special exhibitions twice a year, showcasing works of artists from all around the world. These exhibitions are aimed at keeping the museum engaging and progressive, ensuring a fresh perspective on the artistic community, while also providing artists and visitors a foundation to start or further their journey in the world of art. 

Tumurun Museum epitomises the idea of adapting to a constantly changing world, strongly believing in the hopes of acting as a welcoming window of insight for all who wish to learn more about the world of art.